The Most Luxurious Cabin I Have Ever Seen in Aspen


Colorado does have summer too. I know a lot of people who only go in the winter to go skiing. I like to go with my family in the summer for a vacation too. The ski resorts must bring in a lot of big money people as there are some really luxurious places to stay in Aspen. We like wooded areas with plenty of mountain scenery, but we also like swimming pools, hot tubs and top-notch luxury amenities in our lodging when we take a vacation. We looked for luxury cabin rentals in Aspen for our last vacation.

We stayed in a large and superbly luxurious log cabin. It has three bedrooms and 3.5 baths. There was a really cool bunk area for the kids where they had their own TV. The place was filled with luxury. There is a large in-ground spa tub, a beautiful rectangular fire pit, the cabin is filled with leather and stone and luxury furnishings. The kitchen has a pro-style stove with stainless steel appliances making it a great place for a professional or amateur chef to whip up delicious gourmet meals. Continue reading

The Bear Is Right There!

“I don’t see a bear,” some man with an Irish accent said. He and his friends stared and pointed at something out in the great plain, north of Jackson Lake, while I scanned the tree line east of the majestic Teton Range of mountains with my binoculars. Hundreds of people stood with me and my wife on the edge of the veranda wall at Jackson Lake Lodge in Wyoming. The great plain that yawned before us was the size of a county in my native state of South Carolina. It had grasses and bushes up to six feet tall, some trees, and several streams.

Bison, elk, deer, moose, and other wildlife of the Grand Teton National Park, including both types of bears (Black and Grizzly) might be seen on the plain. The best time to see them was at twilight and in darkness, with the exception that the bull elk were out during daylight too, yodeling for female elk to come to them to be herded and impregnated. My wife and I had eaten an early breakfast so that we could stand out there in the cold crisp air of morning twilight. We saw moose, some otters, and eagles. There

Enjoying the Outdoors at Mont Royal Park Montreal

Mont Royal is undoubtedly the crowning glory of the city of Montreal. If you have never been to this particular Canadian city, the mountain is ‘the’ landmark to look for when you arrive in the city. The mountain is really not hard to spot as it is ubiquitous from any spot in downtown Montreal.

Mont Royal is home to a park that bears the same name and sits on its peak. Although the park is not entirely the product of Mother Nature, city dwellers nevertheless absolutely adore this fantastic green space, which was landscaped by none other than Frederick Law Olmsted, renowned for designing the Central Park in New York City.

Getting to the mountain is a dream experience for any hiking and outdoor enthusiast. If you would like to observe the sweeping cityscape of Montreal, make your way to the different lookout points, all sitting on the top of the mountain summit. The viewpoints to choose include the Kondiaronk (Chalet), Crags Trail and Camillien-Houde Drive. There are several hiking paths that lead to Mont Royal Park. One of the most used ones is the Olmsted Road way. If you are nervous about hiking because you have not done it before,

A Holiday to Remember on Hamilton Island, Australia

Hamilton Island is one of the most sought after destinations in Australia’s Queensland region. Conveniently situated in the Whitsunday group of islands, Hamilton is also one of the main gateways to the Great Barrier Reef. The island boasts a number of luxury resorts and white sand beaches. These resorts offer wonderful amenities including restaurants, spa facilities and watersports equipment to make your holiday either more active or relaxing.

As mentioned, it is easy to reach the most pertinent parts of the Great Barrier Reef from Hamilton. This Island is also one of the ideal jumping off points for visiting the world-renowned Whitehaven Beach, and other regional attractions like Hill Inlet and Heart Reef. But you don’t need to leave Hamilton to engage in a wide range of fun outdoor activities. The coral and marine life around the waters of the island make it a premier spot for incredible snorkeling and diving. If you are a sailing fan, you can arrange an excursion at the Hamilton Island Yacht Club. Other activities to consider include sea-kayaking, swimming and sports fishing.

All the thrill and enjoyment is not limited to water-based sports and activities. On dry land, you can have a great game of

Discovering the Lofoten Islands of Norway

Lofoten Islands may be one of the most remote places in Norway, but there is no denying its sheer beauty and magnificence. Situated in the Arctic Circle, this enigmatic archipelago boasts jagged peaks rising from the cold water, bird colonies, rugged coast, traditional fishing villages and artists galleries. It lies in the Nordland region of Norway and is separated from the mainland the beautiful Vestfjord, which is one of the main sites to visit and explore in the region.

This particular fjordland’s unique location allows it to have warm summers and mild winters, quite different from places found in the northern region of the world. Along with several small islands, Lofoten has four major islands, which are Flakstadøy, Moskenesøy, Vestvågøy and Austvågøy. These islands are characterized not only by fjords but also by inlets, alpine mountains with snow-capped peaks and rock walls that can rise up more than 3000 feet. Tourism is an important aspect of the archipelago’s economy.

There is no better way to get to Lofoten by ferry from the main land. Aside from practical reasons, the ferry ride is also a tourist attraction in itself. From the ferry, the islands and fjords unveil themselves slowly in the distance,

The Bustling and Historical Bridgetown Barbados – Caribbean

Barbados may be known for its gorgeous beaches, but before you head out to these sandy patches of paradise, take the time to explore the island nation’s only true city -Bridgetown. This Caribbean city and holds the biggest population in the country, and offers curious visitors a look at Barbados’ rich culture and history.

While the city may have established quite a number of modern structures like office complexes, shopping malls and banks, Bridgetown has still managed to preserve a number of its most precious historic sites and colonial buildings. The city maintains a very energetic atmosphere enhanced by its vibrant streets, regularly occupied by eager vendors of various goods and fresh produce. Here, you will get plenty of opportunities for duty -free shopping especially in areas like the Broad Street. It is also very easy to find local crafts in the city’s street markets.

Most of the important tourist sites in Bridgetown are within easy walking distance from the city center. And fortunately, the city buses serve most of these destinations. Take note that Bridgetown is one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean. While here, don’t miss the chance to walk around its fascinating historical section, which is home

A Wise Man Does Not Own A Boat

A wise man (or woman) has friends who own boats. Why is that so? Because a boat is really a hole in the water, into which you pour your money. A boat is also a means to isolate yourself from other people or it can be a gathering place for your family and friends. That is why I say that you want to be one of those friends, and be a generous friend to the boat owner.

There are different kinds of privately owned boats: sailboats, motor boats, boats powered only by oars, boats propelled by long poles, pleasure boats, working boats, and they all have one thing in common: they suspend human and/or material cargo above a body of water. Depending on what your friend, the boat owner, does with his or her boat, adapt yourself to help the owner as well as to share their joy of being on the water.

By not owning a boat, you may not know that a boat that is purchased new can cost as much as a new car or even a new house. Plus, there are docking and storage costs, equipment maintenance, repair, and replacement costs, a cost for weather damage, fuel,

How to Choose an Urban Scooter

The living conditions in the city influence the choice of transport we use. Against the background of the endless traffic congestion, crowding and lack of air buses and minibuses, the scooter has gained its popularity all over the world, especially in cities.

Reviews suggest that the most popular urban scooters are used for commuting and just walking through the streets. They are designed for driving on asphalt road and equipped with polyurethane wheels. An urban scooter has a small size and is suitable for driving on sidewalks and tile. The main advantages of these scooters are the ease, compactness, relatively low price.

How to Choose an Adult Urban Scooter

Before you choose an adult urban scooter, you should know much about it. Collapsible scooters are most often made of steel withstanding considerable weight, with reliable polyurethane wheels and a broad deck for the adult feet. They are always adjustable in height so that everyone can choose a comfortable position. An important condition is the safety, which depends on the quality material and high reliability of all connections.

To select the appropriate for the city, it’s necessary to pay attention to several parameters. Firstly, you should pay attention primarily to the wheel. It has